Hi I'm Danielle and I'm more broken than you think.
"what am i gonna give up for lent?
they asked,
I hesitated at first knowing that there’s one person I want to give up but Im still holding on to him like a dog with a bone,
but now I know that Im giving you up
I’m not strong you as you think,
Im a coward and an idiot when it comes to love,
you need a fighter
and you need someone who will accept all your wrong doings no matter how repetitive it might be,
you need someone who is strong enough to take your hard blows and still welcome you home with open arms,
you need someone like her.
I know that.
so Im giving you up and Im moving forward.
and this time around I won’t look back”
"even if there is no point on dragging on,
the crazy thing is I want to drag this on,”
— but I don’t know how
"If i see you again someday
after long years of absence,
old healed wounds might get revisited
and feelings might resurface temporarily,
so if one day I see you again
I think it’s better if we just pass by each other,
like we’ve never known each other way back when life’s true colors are just starting to show,
like there were never feelings and pain that has been brought in,
like total strangers”
— Its for the best
"your smile is the most beautiful and painful thing I’ve ever seen.”
— Its because everytime I see you smile, I know that that will never be for me.
I know that I will never be the reason for that god damn gorgeous smile.


this is an AWFUL sex position. why did i let you talk me into this. where are my arms